The Record of the US Congress
(2009 - Present)

The 111th Congress of the United States (2009 - 2010)
The 112th Congress of the United States (2011 - 2012)
The 113th Congress of the United States (2013 - 2014)

This is a record of the US Congress legislation and actions.
It was started in 2010, during the 111th Congress.
This is a privately-owned, non-governmental website.
However, the primary source of the information is taken from public US government sources.


The purpose of this website is to attempt to provide a summary of the activities of Congress, starting with the 111th Congress of the United States, including:

As is painfully obvious from these pages, I have only a limited proficiency in HTML and have spent my time trying to collect, organize, and legibly present the information available. I have not tried to make this website attractive or eye-catching.
As I will repeat on other pages, I am not a lawyer, politician, or accountant. My proficiency in interpreting the sometimes legalistic language of legislation may be questioned. Much legislation builds upon previous legislation, providing insertions, deletions, and modifications into those laws. To determine the full context of the new legislation requires learning the previous law as well.
Therefore, if there are any comments or, especially, corrections to any of the information I provide, please contact me with this information.